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- met minstens 2 jaar ervaring;
- interesse in de uitvoeringsfase;
- uitgebreide kennis van technische detaillering;
- Nederlandstalig



An important year for KANAL
We are happy to end the year 2020 with important milestones for KANAL, the future museum of modern and contemporary art for Brussels.
The building application was obtained end of December.
The team of Atelier Kanal have published the tender documentation for Lot 3, the main architectural package for Kanal, on the 16th of November.
Demolition works have started and will continue while we await tender returns in February 2021.
An overview on the progress of KANAL is on display in the exhibition Atelier KANAL in Brussels, open to the public until the 25th of April 2021.

Plaats / Place in the media
The book Place, written by Philippe ViƩrin, has received signs of appreciation in recent media.
Philippe was invited to discuss Place in ‘Pompidou’, the daily show of national radio station KLARA on all art related subjects. The interview with Philippe can be listened to here.
A review has been published in issue 208 of De Witte Raaf. Written by Maarten Liefooghe, the review appreciates Philippe’s personal evaluation and anekdotes on reconstruction after World War 1 and working with difficult heritage sites in general.

Rauterpark Anderlecht
The construction of a public villa in Rauterpark, a park in the Brussels municipality Anderlecht, has started.

Gruuthusemuseum Bruges
noA has been awarded two prizes for the renovation and refurbishment of the Gruuthusemuseum in Bruges. The Publica Awards, a yearly price for public projects in Belgium, has awarded the Gruuthusemuseum a silver award in the category ‘Heritage’. The Gruuthusemuseum was also one of the laureates of the 2020 edition of the Onroerenderfgoedprijs Vlaanderen.

House of Culture Geluwe, Wervik
The construction site of Geluwe, a culture house on the edge of Wervik, has started.

Belfort Menen
The construction site of the restauration of the Belfort in Menen has started.