noAarchitecten was established in 1999 by Philippe Viérin, An Fonteyne and Jitse van den Berg.

Philippe Viérin (1969, Bruges) graduated from Ghent University in 1992 and worked for Stéphane Beel in Bruges and KCAP in Rotterdam. Besides being a partner at noAarchitecten, he also runs Viérin Architecten in Bruges.

An Fonteyne (1971, Ostend) graduated from Ghent University in 1994 and worked at DKV Architects in Rotterdam and David Chipperfield Architects in London. She taught at TU Delft between 2013 and 2017 and was involved in the creation of the Master Adaptive Reuse at Hasselt University. Since August 2017 she is professor Architecture and Design at ETH Zurich.

An Fonteyne is a member of the Board of directors of the Flanders Architecture Institute.

Jitse van den Berg (1971, Nijmegen, NL) studied at TU Berlin and TU Delft and graduated in 2000. During and after his studies he worked for Sauerbruch Hutton Architects in Berlin and David Chipperfield Architects in London and Berlin.

The three partners have been teaching at the TU Delft. They lecture in Belgium and abroad and are invited as guest critics at international schools and institutions.


  • Francesco Apostoli ir architect
  • Sigert Defrancq architect
  • Didier De Roeck architect
  • Damiano Finetti architect
  • Nathalie Goethals administratie
  • Moritz Heinzerling architect intern
  • Martijn Hendrickx ir architect
  • Vera Maaz architect intern
  • Francesca Martellono ir architect stagiair
  • Mélissandre de Negri architect stagiair
  • Ghan Oudhuis architect stagiair
  • Chiara Pestoni ir architect
  • Evelien Pletinckx ir architect
  • Elke Schoonen ir architect stagiair
  • Jonathan Teuns ir architect
  • Lennart Vandewaetere architect
  • Pieter Verreycken architect
  • Peter Verstraete architect
  • Nathan Wouters ir architect

Collaborators since 2000

  • Kate Chen
  • David Claus
  • Leen Corthier
  • Bart Dehaene
  • Jens De Schutter
  • Danny Dezutter
  • Serafina Eipert
  • Jantje Engels
  • Thomas Faes
  • Hanna Fokken
  • Maarten Franssens
  • Greg Geertsen
  • Michiel Geldof
  • Freyke Hartemink
  • Adrian Hildrum
  • Sunayana Jain
  • Sander Laureys
  • Jonas Lindekens
  • Marion Moutal
  • David Niville
  • Beatrijs Noppe
  • Christiaan Oomen
  • Michiel Pauwels
  • Kim Pecheur
  • Gaétan Plaieser
  • Marijn Proot
  • James Scott
  • Gert Somers
  • Valentina Stehle
  • Simon Stroo
  • Milo Strub
  • Stijn Thomas
  • Christoph Van Boxtel
  • Rendel Van Eyck
  • Lourenço van Innis
  • Arnout Van Vaerenbergh
  • Simon Vermote
  • Tim Wallyn
  • Gilles Willem