066 Kaai 37 Antwerp

Construction of city block with passive apartments

i.c.w. DVVT, META and OFFICE
Procedure Architecture competitions
Client Project 2, Antwerp
Surface 8 700 m2 (excl. undergound levels)
Phase completed
Date 2012 – 2017

The architectural teams of META, advvt, noAa and OFFICE, working in collaboration with Project², present a building block that possesses an indirect but recognizable uniformity, yet does not forsake its own strong identity.
KAAI 37 is the first passive group housing project to be certified by Pixii.

The corner building by noAarchitecten responds to an extremely heterogeneous housing programme that ranges from duplex houses to one-room studios and penthouse apartments. noAarchitecten translated and strengthened this diversity by varying the arrangement of windows on the façade.

The dark green façade is covered with glazed Portuguese tiles with thin but distinct joins. These lend a strong visibility to the building and create a tension between the apparent randomness of the window composition and the underlying tile grid.

The corner building seeks out the borders of the grid principle in the warehouse façade. The diversity is readable, and the angle is emphasized by the distribution of the façade openings.

Each house has an individual winter garden with folding windows. This can be used as a covered outdoor space in the summer but, thanks to its position within the insulated thermal skin of the building, can also be used as an extra room in the winter. As a result, these spaces increase the overall compactness of the building and allow residents to enjoy the changing seasons in all their glory.

A place is made in the city.