092 Tour&Taxis Brussels

Urban and architectural design for Zone M on the site of Tour & Taxis

i.c.w. awg architecten and Sergison Bates architects
Procedure Architecture competition
Client Extensa
Surface 110.000 m2
Phase under construction
Date 2015 -

This is a place where many qualities of Brussels can be seen and experienced together.
Looking in the distance, we recognize the characteristic facade of the Gare Maritime with its up and down roofs. In the distance, the city shows its tallest buildings.
Closer up we see a collection of stately buildings. The spacing of the rows and the different cornice heights are a rhythmic continuation of the facade of the Gare Maritime.
This is the place where trains used to enter the marshalling yard with a graceful curve. The embankment, which was created by flattening the natural topography, sets the movement in motion and guides our gaze. We see, as it were, the park, between the buildings, entering the city.

The layout of Zone C is guided by the definition of places full of character. Places with a recognizable, urban identity that transcends the generic and recognizes and deploys the typical of Tour&Taxis.
Three rows, three types of buildings. Together they flow into the open landscape. A new face of Tour & Taxis at the park, an invitation to enter.

We create urban spaces that orchestrate the experience and stimulate togetherness: a public float, the urban ambiance along the Gare Maritime and the generous living between square and garden. The identity of each public space requires a specific appearance of the buildings around it.